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About The show...



I’m was so excited for this show!!! The idea had been stuck in my head for 5+ years.  With everything going on there was no better time than now to host a virtual restaurant show.

Who in the world could have predicted just two short months ago that we would be where we are today!

COVID-19 has turned the restaurant business upside down and inside out. 

Our only choice right now as an industry is to hit the giant reset button!

We pulled together an awesome collection of industry experts and insiders to help you do just that.

Like a ridiculously awesome list!

The insights and value delivered were off the chart over these two days.

Now, everything--all the recordings and downloads--are available to you ondemand. Don't miss this!

Jaime Oikle,

Owner & Founder,

Show Coverage includes...





Now is the time to push, pull & prod your menu into the best shape it's ever been in. We'll help get you there...





List building never stops! Reaching clients and building loyalty will only get more important...





Are you prepared to maximize sales on every customer visit you get? You'll need to be...


Finance & Accounting



How you bring back staff will be just as important to your success as any other piece. What are the keys...

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting


Food cost, labor cost, daily breakeven...where will things need to be for success...

Tech & more...

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting


Tech tools will streamline your operation and make you more efficient. How can you best capitalize...


REtool & RElaunch...

 Day One: (Recorded May 18th)

– Welcome & Opening Session

Feature Presentation: Industry Insights & PPP Update - Matthew Patrick–Patrick Accounting 

Panel: Operations & Finance - Tony Smith-R365 & Matthew Sloan-Fobesoft

Quick Hit: Online Ordering, Takeout & Delivery - Shane Gau-Waitbusters

Panel: Marketing – Matt Plapp-ROI Experts, Vlad Edleman-Targetable, Hengameh Stanfield-Making Dough

Quick Hit: Sanitation & Safety for Your Staff & Restaurant - Francine Shaw-Savvy Food Safety

Panel: Tech Tools – Javier Cadena-Cheddrsuite, Dyson Barnett-FanConnect, Bob Duprey-RestaurantPlaybooks

Closing Thoughts & Tomorrow…

Day Two: (Recorded May 19th)

- Welcome & Today...

Feature Presentation: Smart Steps to Bring Your Staff Back - Darren Denington-Service With Style

Quick Hit: Recruiting & People - Scott Meyer-Patrice & Associates

Feature Presentation: Marketing Tactics & Programs Working Right Now - Nick Fosberg-Bar & Restaurant Success

- Quick Hit: Leasing Questions, Issues & Answers - Dale Willerton-The Lease Coach

Feature Presentation: 3 Ways to Maximize Restaurant Profits -  Roger Beaudoin-RestaurantRockstars

Panel: Legal & Insurance Concerns - Seth Gardenswartz-BLACKGARDEN Law & David DeLorenzo-Restaurant & Bar Insurance

Quick Hit: Selling or Buying a Restaurant - Ron Sofranko

Ending Keynote: Restaurant Prosperity Formula - David Scott

– Closing Comments

Why a Virtual Show?


"Business as usual will never be the same again!"

Save time, save your business!!!

  • No travel
  • No hotel
  • No cars & cabs
  • No lost time!

Stay close to your business!

And sleep in your own bed!

ondemand Show Access now available...


Be REmarkable...

Straight up, no doubt this could have been a $199 registration fee event.  

We 100% feel confident in the value delivered at that level.  This collection of experts is unparalleled!  

But, that is not what we charged! These are different times and they call for different measures!

Make it free they said...

Well I kind of agreed, and we almost went that way….

But I was talked out of that by a shrewd operator… “Free will bring too many lookie-loos seeking a free lunch.  Your audience should be invested in attending.”

Well, here’s the compromise...

OnDemand access to the whole 2-day show is only $49!!!  It's an incredible value because we want you all plugged into this! Special Bonus- show access comes with a 2-month membership to -- a $98 value!!!  

Just one session...

You'll get so much value from this webinar! In fact, just the tips from one session will be worth  the admission ticket.  And there's over 8 hours of content! 

Here's what they're saying about the show...


Over 500 folks registered for the live event - here's what they had to say...

Jaime, you and Roger definitely hit the mark. It's hard to recreate a show feel. But I sat through 8 hours of a webinar and did it gladly. That is a feat in itself.  - Alberto G. 

Thank you, it was insightful, worth the money, passionate, comprehensive, informative, and inspirational.  I have a lot to digest. - Michael B.

Jaime, thank you for great show. I must admit, I was expecting to have it playing in the background while working. That did not happen, I sat in on all of the presenters the first day, and all but 1 on the second. GREAT content!! I look forward to the next show! Thank you for a well spent 2 days. - Dean B.

Hi Jaime - Unbelievably great show! I attended the various marketing and technology sessions and was astounded at the level of practical advice offered. Thanks! - Victoria D.

How can I get a copy of these unbelievable informative webinars? Excellent, excellent!!!!!! - Otto W.  (Note: They are now available in the ondemand show area.)

Great job Jaime and Roger! Thank you to you and all of the great speakers!! - Jill R.

Thanks for an information packed couple of days. I was able to grab a handful of principles and noteworthy services to follow up on for my restaurants. The speakers were top notch, you've got a great network of professionals.  With gratitude. - Jeff S.

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